Why do some people hate the truth, but act like rape victims when you lie to them?
Being honest suddenly is not such a good quality after all. “If you have something to say to me, just say it.” I am saying that to my friends because I can take it. But please check if you are mentally able to resist it before you say it, because I am just tired of lame people that get angry for what you think or for what you have to say about them and then act so fucked-up if you keep your comments to yourself.
Come on people! Stop being so childish. Truth and lies don’t mean anything to you until you are ready to bear them.


vlad said...

bine ai venit in blogosfera,bun inceput de postari,i like it,go on :D

Electric Ladyland said...

Si stim amandoua FOARTE BINE despre cine e vorba aici... :D >:D<

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