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Since I have so "much" spare time on my hands, I decided to make my own Tumblr.

Dream life no1.

Dream Sunday Morning No1:

Dream Job no1:

Dream Home no1:

Grow up?

I admit never fully accepting my age. Either sorry for my past years, either too eager for the future, thinking of my life on the long run gives me headaches. It feels like a pill too big to swallow.

With age, habits come, habits pass, and so do hobbies, passions, likes or dislikes. How many of you do you even remember? Where did the teddy you carried around for years or the posters of the first teen idols you adored are right now?

What lies on your shelves now, where toys and storybooks used to?

Change is an essential part of life, even if we do it with or without wanting it. We are forced to grow up, leave kindergarten, elementary school, high school, college behind and move on. Caught in this process, you may wonder who you are or where are you going. It must be natural to ask ourselves such things since most do.

As a young woman, I find myself crossroads often. I can’t help but question myself if today’s interests will survive to see the future. The question is: Is it just a phase?

However, a part of me has faith that what truly is important for one’s true self can last forever, since my father still has his burning passion for music and wears Beatles t shirts since he was 20.

I guess all I can do is hold on and enjoy the ride.

All the love

I thought I will eventually find something to write about here, but for the past month, the never ending whirlpool we call life caught me and I completely forgot about this.
However, since my very good friend started writing after one whole year, I couldn't just say nothing.

Monica, Welcome back, BaBy!

"Free your secrets and become who you are." Frank Warren

One of the most fascinating concepts I have ever seen in the last months is, by far, Post Secret. It was introduced to me by a dear friend and I never payed attention to it....that is, until now. I have recently entered, for the first time (you can also go to PostSecretRo, the Romanian version), the website of this fantastic project. Founded by Frank Warren, the website publishes thousands of secrets sent by postcards by its readers. Some
are funny, some feel just so damn right, but some shake you to the core. It is exactly its ability to move something inside each and every one of us that makes me love it so much, as well as how personal the cards look like. We all have secrets and sharing them can
relieve us by a burden as heavy as our whole heart.

Ultimately, in my opinion, what Frank Warren does, by collecting and publishing all these postcards, is art. This is its purpose, to make people feel something real. And that is exactly what he offers us.

Here are some of the postcards and a little experiment:

Flicks to check out

1. The Romantics

A light movie about four friends who are reunited during a wedding and a love story is resurrected. It seems the kind of movie which will brighten any cloudy autumn day. It seems to be somewhere along the lines of "My best friend's wedding".

2. Black Swan

A psychological thriller who has one of the best and catchiest trailer I've seen in some time. Also, I am very curious about how Natalie Portman carries the part out.

3. Love and other drugs

The guy who invented Viagra fells in love.
Have I ever told you how much I like Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal? I can't wait to see them together.

4. Heartbeaker
French movie, with Vanessa Paradis, might be magnifique! To be honest, I like French movies about love, in general.

5. Going the distance

A quirky movie about long distance relationships...with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long, who are simply a match made in romantic comedies' heaven.

6. Easy A

Definitely a teen movie about high school, which I am going to enjoy just because I still am a teenager in high school.

"I was shooting for stars on a Saturday night"

Not being a fan of hip hop in general, I had no idea who B.O.B was.

However, his debut album,"B.O.B presents: The Adventure of Bobby Ray" is one of the best recent ones out there.

From the very familiar and commercially successful "Nothin' on you" featuring Bruno Mars and the already popular "Airplanes" featuring Paramore's lead singer Hayley Williams to the less-known "Pass my shades", "Don't let me fall" and "Ghost in the machine", B.O.B designs an album unexpected in its quality, musicality and accessibility, which is one of my personal favorites.

This guy has this personal style which makes him so hard to put him in any musical category. Maybe alternative Hip Hop.

Here are the two songs I've been listening all summer (trust me, it sounds fantastic):

Les bon temps

I have spent this summer's holiday at my grandparents', in the mountains and in Greece, on the Thassos Island and in Athens.

To my surprise, the island was a fantastic place, with great people, good food and fantastic wine. Every single place was great and I really spoiled myself while I was there. Stumbling upon this fantastic restaurant, I had by far the best food in a very long time, including the best chocolate soufflé and the best sea food in my entire life.

Athens was horribly disappointing and I am really not in the mood for going into details.

However, the reason why I went to Greece in the first place was the U2 concert. Oh yes, I had the chance to see Bono&Co live and I did. Needless to say that it was fantastic.


I'm back.

Hello, my darlings!

I am terribly sorry for missing so long from the blogger world.
I had a wonderful holiday, but now, fortunately (or unfortunately), I am back with all engines running. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments.

All the love!

2nd drop!

So this week another miniepisode of True Blood resurfaced and it's good, but I liked the first one better. Still, I hate waiting! 13th of June is still far away and I'm dying here!

"I got beauty, I got class, I got style and I got a...hem"

"Why Don't You Love Me" - Beyoncé from Beyoncé on Vimeo.

I stumbled on the newest video of Beyonce, and I quite like it, because it's very pin-up, 50's retro-ish sexy and she looks better than ever, even when her makep is running down her face while talking on the phone. I always admired her for her voice, for her dance abilities, and for how much of an entertainer she is. She really is a music icon and, also, a raw modle for every woman out there.

I always loved football!

And, apparently, so does Annie Lebowitz, who shot these pictures for this month's issue of Vanity Fair.
Oh, what a wonderful sport! Can't wait for the world cup:D:D
Does anyone has these in high-res? :D:D

(Why can't I stop grinning??)

Pass me the heels!

One of the things I have always hated is the fact that we almost never dress up now, when we go out, when we go see a movie,etc. I know that everyone has days when they just get on the first thing they see in their closet because it happens to me too and there's nothing wrong with it. My point is that, now, we almost never put on but jeans and a tshirt no matter the ocasion. I love dressing up, and I do it just about every time I feel like it.

But still, there is someone ruining your mood, staring at you. I absolutely detest it when people stare at you just because you look different. It rarely happens in western countries, but here, trust me, they're watching as if you're a freakshow.

I love the feeling I get when I'm dolled-up and looking my best while out (even if I don't have fantastic clothes and I almost never wear heels because I'm so tall and everyone's staring). Another thing I believe in is being true to who you are and revealing your true nature also on the outside. I must admit, I sometimes don't really have the courage (or the clothes) to be myself.

I think that looking good, taking care of yourself as a woman and not neglecting your appearance is something you do for yourself, as an evolved human being, if, of course, you have some self-respect.

photos: the sartorialist

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