Back, (from the IPO)

Still sleepy, I entered the classroom. It felt like reality had struck my head really hard, not those glasses of vine. I remembered about all those people surrounding me were actually incomparable to the ones I have spend my last days with.

It really felt so good to actually have someone to talk to about books, classical music, classic rock, without being immediately called a “geek”, as some of my very “intelligent” classmates use to. I felt satisfied that so many people knew about Pink Floyd, Queen, Beatles, Deep Purple, something that rarely happens among people my age. The moment when I realized in what kind of community I am spending my time at school was when I saw my colleagues on Friday, when I remembered what “cool” is to them and the fact that they consider themselves as being smart when they are not. That moment was a revelation for me. I understood what actually matters in life and that not everything is black and white.

Despite the fact that I was over-tired, I have to say it was fun. I actually didn’t expect the contestants to be so…normal. I thought we would have loads of trouble with some spoiled, arrogant kids that will just ignore us and treat us like they were geniuses and we were nothing. Fortunately, it wasn’t like that at all.
Everyone (almost) was just happy to be there, to visit and see what Romanian culture means.
I loved their open-minded attitude about everything, their politeness, the fact that they don't care about appearances , their common sense, their way of breaking down cultural barriers through music, food, and, especially, alcohol :D. It was amazing to see so many nations under the same roof and, I have to say, our group was quite an apparition for locals around the areas we visited.
One of the funniest things was to learn how to swear in Lithuanian (thanks Dalius!) and the conversation in the bus with Angeliki (we both were a bit…dizzy ;-) ).
Thanks to the really sweet girls from India.
Heta: I really think you are one of the smartest humans I have ever met.
Conrad: You're just amazing with your energy.
Dennis: I'll never forget your way of dancing with me.
David: You're really kind.
Heidi: That dress is a knock-out!
All the best 4 everyone!


Electric Ladyland said...

Postat-am si eu ceva! >:D< OMG I miss them so much...

Dalius said...

Thanks for the compliments for lithuanian swear words :D

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