Diary.A brief confession from my heart.2

I'm a freak. I want to have the skies on my hat. I want to let my hair down but I hate it when it's in my face when I write. I tell what's on my mind forgetting that sometimes I might hurt the others (Sorry, girls! It's not my intention). I like the taste of blood (Sorry, Alex!). I want to get a tattoo and red highlights in my hair. I think that to be a good photographer is not just to make pictures of yourself and post it on the internet, but to make the others look good using your camera. I love original, artistic, honest people that appreciate people just as they are and I hate the hypocrite bimbles that are kissing the whole world's ass. I prefer British to American. I like adding sugar and my coffee is always sweet. I think that that people who act like they were more mature than they actually are look stupid and are shallow ( an example: the 8th&9th grade girls in my schools that think they all are Carrie or Samantha in "Sex and the city"). This is what I am. This is what I think. This is me. I may not be perfect, but I'm real. I'm human. So sue me.

Oh, and the picture was made by me, edited by me with my own brushes.

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nookie said...

si eu sunt bridget jones;)


prea mult "sex and the city" strica:))

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