For the past hour, I'm trying to finish eating a bowl of almonds.

Revelation 1: I don't even like them so much. It's one of those stupid, useless goals that we create for ourselves every day. How many of you don't have New Year resolutions like: "This year, I'm going to do whatever I want! I'll get more time for what I really enjoy, party more, have more courage . What the hell? If not now, when?" But don't we do this kind of things every year? We promise to ourselves all the things in the world. Unfortunately, there are few people that actually keep those promises. I'm not on one of those. Or how about these stupid things we say every morning: "Today, I'm going to walk...a lot...to clear my thoughts..." and, surprise!, you find yourself , again, wasting your time online, sitting on the same chair, “visiting” the same websites, chatting with the same friends, listening to the same music, just like every day.

Song: Def leppard - Pour some sugar on me

*I'm not so excited about the short (talking) part in the beginning but the song is perfect for stripping. "Do you take sugar? ONE LUMP OR TWO??"*

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