Juicy actors.1

If I could stare all day...
...in translation: . JUICY, HOT, SEXY, STEAMY, JAW-DROPPING actors I like :D

1. Stuart Townsend

Because of his part in "Queen of the damned". His voice is just incredible :D

2. Hugh Dancy

Because of his hair. Because of his accent. Because of his charm. :D:D

3. Chad Michael Murray

Because of his smile. Because of.........everything :D Yeah, he may not be very bright, but we're talking about appearances here :D

4. Johnny, dear!

Because of his bad-boy feel. Because he is a really good actor.

5. Steven Strait
Because God gave us "The Covenant" so we can drool to death.


nookie said...

ohh stuart!

Mel said...

i would defiantly choose Johnny Deep :)

inka said...

yessss.... Johnny Depp...!!

Anonymous said...

Hugh Dancy... so cute :D

bumblebeesies said...

ben barnes, stephen strait, hugh dancy...is it possible to pick just one?

Irrina said...

Nope, impossible :D

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