Diary. Songs for nobody.10

Song: River flows in you
Have you ever found yourself listening to love songs, realizing you're dedicating them to nobody? You heart aches, you sing the lyrics in your mind with passion and then you stop, finding out that you have no one to sing for. Well, it happened to me. Many times actually. Playing my heart out at the piano, I then knew suddenly why I did it. For the strangers. The ones on the streets. It happens to me to walk the streets alone and pass near someone, catch their eyes and then the whole world stops. For a second. But I walk on and mildly remember the stranger's eyes that surrounded me, that I maybe even loved. For apologizing the fact that I forget , most of the times, I give the songs I play to them. The strangers that are and will be. They were, after all, my inspiration for a second, my "nobody" .

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Excepţiul said...

cred ca toti cei mai sentimentali au ascultat love songs fara sa aiba pe nimeni cui sa i le dedice.
Am avut si eu o perioada cand ascultam, dar starea aia de slabiciune si melancolie ajunsese sa-mi dea de furca si am schimbat playlistu'.

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