So today was a slow one. Indoors. I have a semestrial paper at maths on Monday and my mom insists that I should focus on that for some time. But I can't. So I cooked, cleaned my room, cleaned all the other rooms, watched TV, ate, took a really long bath , danced in my underwear on "Sex bomb" by Tom Jones, which is something I have not done in a long time.
Now I am anything but serious and wondering why am I not resembling a pool after the enormous quantity on tea I have consumed. Apple tea, and now raspberry tea. 8-min infusions. Lots of honey and sugar.
I think I have to step away from myself to not think that I'll be 17 since Thursday ( Yes, I was born on the 13th of January) and to just get shallow for a day or two for my own good. Too many deep thinking this months, not enough sleep.

Song: Jason Mraz - Butterfly

The song is perfect for my mood right now and I recommend it to everyone


Anonymous said...

I am glad you are doing stuff you like, pardon my not very english manners, but fuck the maths. Who cares? live|enjoy. u worth it.


Excepţiul said...

pfff, te invidiez ca poti sa faci toate alea intr-o singura zi :)
Pai ai grija si cu somnu, pentru o mai mare acuratete in gandire se recomnanda somn.

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