Hearts and whatever.

He had to climb down the marble stairs to get some sheets of paper from the office. Wondering why the hell he was still doing this job, he stopped when hearing footsteps. And then he could see them. So young, so naive. They looked at each other with fascination, but only said "hello". Then his world changed. Curiously, he wanted them to feel what they were supposed to. It was their chance at tasting another soul. Missing it was not an option. The days were passing by and he was watching them, amusing and delighting himself with their shyness and clumsiness when their paths crossed.
When the final day came, he told them goodbye before whispering to the boy "Take care of her. She wants you to." and then left.
The train raced itself and the others fell asleep quickly. He felt satisfied.
The apartment was empty and silent. So silent, that he could still hear last day's noise pounding in his head. he used to turn the TV on just for the sake of feeling lees lonely, but now he did not ever bothered. A hot tea near the couch, some mellow piano songs embraced the lingering Jasmin scent.
Something hurt. He remembered all his past passions, all of them being almost dead in his heart, counting the women in his life, hoping of finding someone... His eyes were blank as he realized how hollow he was. He always thought that the worst thing is not to long for someone who does not care for you, but not to have someone to think about, to long for.
2:AM. No, he's not going to sleep tonight.

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Anonymous said...

This time, my comm is a question: Why do we try so hard ?

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