Diary.14.Dream about it

Song: Switchfoot- Twenty-Four

Last night I had a very...interesting dream that still lingers in my mind and can't let me go. Because I loved it. Because I did not wanted it to be over. I'm still aching for it to be true.
It's so simple, but so...me. It's my kind of dream, in my kind of world.
It was summer. A summer night and the moon was lighting the bed in the room. I was sitting on one elbow, with the hand in my hair and could not sleep. I was watching someone sleeping. It is someone I know and it really surprised me that he was there as in real life he is a good friend of mine that I've never thought of that way before. What way? Well... he slept so perfect , resting his heart and his soul next to mine, his dark ruffled hair looking like it belonged there, on the white pillow, his smell hesitating on my white shirt. The next thing I remember was the fact that we were running hand in hand throughout white corridors and then stopping to have a short kiss that made my stomach ache. It was so childish , naive and not carnal in any way that made me forget about all the dark past things, and everything seemed to be as beautiful as my first hand-touch, as my first kiss, the first summer night with a full moon I've ever witnessed. Like I was seeing everything for the first time, as a newborn.
Fortunately or unfortunately, real life is different and he is...um...hm....Well, lets just say that this sort of things are not likely to happen any time soon as I am not sure if I even..like him. Weird, huh?


inka said...

Buna, te-ar interesa sa facem un schimb de linkuri? astept raspunsul tau.

inka said...

Multumesc mult. pup.
aaa. apropo. Si tu ai un blog super

piticu said...

salut. frumos site ai, dar daca vrei sa ai mai mult trafic sau page rank poti sa iti inscrii siteul gratis la mine in director
Bafta in continuare

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