In the land of women

Recently I have re-viewed "In the land of women" (2007). I was not in the mood for this kind of movies, but I played it anyway, just to have some company while painting. But it caught me so bad that I watched most of it with attention, ignoring the canvas. After it had been finished, A smile spread across my face and I felt somehow joyful in my own world. It made me see some things different, even my teenage condition.
The movie follows an episode from the life of Carter, a writer that runs away from the scars inside him by going to live with his grandmother. There, he meets a couple of very different female characters that help him each in their own way to overcome his numbness and to recover from the destruction his latest relationship. Although it presents nothing grand, the movie is not about love, but about life and moving on, realizing how people really are, appreciating the simple things in life. I loved the way it made me slip into meditation for days and how everything had a thin scent of sarcasm.

A song from the soundtrack:
Rogue Wave-Publish my love

Two of my favorite quotes:

"Gabe: You think you can step into my 'hood, slinging game at my girl, drinkin' my boy's brew, and expect not to be scrappin' directly?

Carter: What?

Gabe: Are you deaf and stupid? I said -

Carter: - Don't repeat all that. Please. I think the answer to your question depends on whether you have, like, a learning disability, or you're just an average moron.

Carter: [after Gabe punches Carter] OK, above-average moron"

"Carter: I'm on the plane out here, and I open my computer and I start reading these emails that I sent her, like 30 or more maybe, over the course of our relationship. And not just short messages, I'm talking about long, involved love letters. Like, desperately trying to be romantic and poetic, whatever and embarrassing as it is, it's also like, kind of the best stuff I've ever written. Because it's got this naive idealism thing going on where ours is going to be one of the greatest love stories ever told, and I'm writing it. So I'm sitting there and I'm reading these emails and there's some turbulence, and I start to have this massive panic attack, like nothing I've ever had, and I think it's happening because I can never imagine feeling that way about anybody else, ever again"

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vlad said...

tocmai am vazut trailerul,interesant cred ca l-as lua sa il vad

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