Siddhartha.Journey to the East.

One of my favorite books was written by the Nobel prize-winning novelist, poet and painter Herman Hesse. "Siddhartha.Journey to the East" is a marvelous book that has taught me a lot about life, about people. The book is actually made by two separate novels with almost the same crucial themes, the journey towards enlightenment being one of them . I read it in Romanian and I absolutely loved it. If you can't see what is it that you can learn from it, you may also find interesting to observe the behavior of a student, an apprentice that greedily tries to reach absolute "light" by doing anything he can. In the end, unsurprisingly, he does. However, the way he does it is surprising indeed.
A book I recommend from all my heart to everyone that loves philosophy and not only.
"Slower, he walked along in his thoughts and asked himself: “But what is this, what you have sought to learn from teachings and from teachers, and what they, who have taught you much, were still unable to teach you?” And he found: “It was the self, the purpose and essence of which I sought to learn. It was the self, I wanted to free myself from, which I sought to overcome. But I was not able to overcome it, could only deceive it, could only flee from it, only hide from it. Truly, no thing in this world has kept my thoughts thus busy, as this my very own self, this mystery of me being alive, of me being one and being separated and isolated from all others, of me being Siddhartha! And there is no thing in this world I know less about than about me, about Siddhartha!”"

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Leah Lusch said...

That sounds interesting, I'm always on the look out for a good book :)

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