Trash and music

I really hate the music videos from the charts now. So few of them actually send the emotion of the song and make the eye feel good. I am so sick and tired of the ones with "divas" in underwear or whatever, acting like nymphomaniacs. The worst one of all , in my opinion, is Lady Gaga, who seems to be enjoying looking like an absolute pbimble with trashy attitude while humping a toy dolphin in a children swimming pool (in the "Just dance" shitty music video) or swimming with a disco-ball-ish mask on and then singing near a fat dalmatian-looking dog ("Poker face"). The woman loves plastic. Horrible. Hideous. About romanian videos,I can't say much because I haven't seen a decent one in ages. Now on every music channel you can enjoy almost naked whores fighting in honey or dancing like animals in heat on a pole. But what can we do? Just avoid them.

So here is a gorgeous video for a great song. "Boy with a coin" by Iron&Wine. Just watch those elegant moves and the beautiful women.

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PACO said...

super misto videoclipul bv ma bucur ca inca mai exista si cantareti adevarati

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