Wrap my thoughts in works of art

In my life, art is a way that I can manage and develop myself. Art is too complex to define. For me, it is hard to find, as in my case it represents an aesthetic feeling . Without further ado, here are a couple of my favorite paintings:

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec - La Toilette

Van Gogh: Cafe Terrace
Such beautiful colors!!!

Thomas Woodruff - Flower Girl
and the entire Freak Parade(Click here to see it)

Satisfies my crave for fantastic beings

Salvador Dali: Raphaelesque head exploding
Something to study, to explore. The concept is brilliant. I adore surrealism.

Salvador Dali-Untitled
I can't take my eyes off it.


schummy said...

magritte fits well too

IlluzoricDream said...

so beautifull... i adore Dali!

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