What if....

... you won 100.000 $?

Would you spend it right away in a one week shopping trip? Would you try to use them wisely and take it slow? Or would you save it for your future?

Your answer could summarize everything you have ever learned about life until now, what type of person you are, how much does your social status influence your life.

If you think about saving it for the future, then that is wise because, for people my age for example, college is coming soon and, abroad, fees are pretty high and this sum can make the difference, although indulging yourself just a little in no harm to you or anyone.

Spending slow is great and you can make sure you don't waste any thing on useless items. Taking one step at the time is very wise and spending like that is not something a lot of people can do.

That two-day shopping trip sounds perfect? Would you feel great finally buying those designer shoes or glamorous dresses straight from the runway? Well, I guess you should keep in mind what money really are and the value of them. Our parents have not earned them by rubbing their hands together. Think about them and what can you do for them in order to thank them for 17 years of raising you. If clothes are the only things you dream about, then you should remember the people around you. And no matter how trendy and expensive they are, clothes cannot make you more beautiful, smarter, funnier, or kinder.

So think about it. What if....?

One Comment

Leah Lusch said...

I would probably save most of it. But first I'd probably buy some shoes for myself and some presents for my loved ones.

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