Diary. Late. 18

It's really late. I've been working on a poster for an event in my school. The reason why I'm up now is because a certain teacher didn't agree with one of the photos on the poster and I had to re-do it from scratch because without that photo, all the logic was gone.
The picture was with a bionic woman , and I thought it was pretty good. It worked as a theme-photo for informatics on the poster, it blended in, it was okay. But somehow she decided that it has to be replaced as it seems to...sexy to be exposed in a school.

Do you think it was too much?

This is it:For the record: I think she is very wrong.

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Leah Lusch said...

Even though I see nothing wrong with it, I'm pretty sure your teacher perceived it as "nudity", therefore thought it would be inappropriate to expose it. And if this teacher hadn't rejected it, I'm sure there would have been others who would have. Romanian schools are not very open minded, I'm sure you learned that by now :)

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