Diary. Please. 19

Some people hate, some people don't care. I think I do neither. I don;t hate but I do not "not" care either. If someone has done something wrong towards me and has not shown any sign of remorse or just telling "sorry", then something builds up in me. It's not hatred, it's a negative thing that pushes me to dislike that person a loooooot. Usually, hypocrites are on my list.
And it makes me a bit sad when I acknowledge that I'd like to talk badly about them.

And it scares me. I don't want to be that way. I once promised myself I'll never be like this.
Because of this week's events I've been disturbed and stressed a lot. I hate when I can't enjoy myself because of that kind of people. I can't be myself anymore when they suffocate me from every direction. So now I try to ask you something.

If you know you're arrogant, have treated me horrible, talked trash about me behind my back, etc, please leave me alooone. Maybe you hate me. Then please leave me where I am because I really don't want to know anything about you and I really really don't want to care if you live or not.

So leave me alone , let me forget that you even exist.

Lets say "hello" if we pass next to each other on the street but I need a break so give me one.

Song: Sister Hazel - your winter

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