"We're a wolf pack of four, wandering the desert, searching for strippers and cocaine."

Well, the movie is pretty funny and has some really cool lines. I simply could not stop by thinking how messed up they were when then did all those things while they were drunk. All the women were either whores or strippers, either messed up, and a single waiting bride. Nice. But the red-headed stripper was pretty cool:)). I honestly believe that guys will enjoy it more than girls, maybe because it is the dream-bachelor party until morning for every guy that gets married or knows someone getting married. It will become a classic movie for men all around the globe.
Anyway, it's pretty funny good movie worth seeing.

Don't forget to wait until the credits for some funny pics that explain everything that happened ;)

Sorry for the lack of coherence, I'm tired :P


fullmarty said...

Great movie.

Vintagedresser said...

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