What if he's just not that into you?

You know that kind of movies that at first don't make you that exited but after you've watched them you have sweet taste? Or that kind of movie where you don;t know for sure with what character you identify with because you have so much stuff in common with almost all of them?
Well, for me, this movie has been really enjoyable and fun. Of, course it has s semi-happy ending but it is kinda' eye-opening, in a way.

If we like a guy, us, girls, we'll do just about anything not to admit that he does not like us. We come up with excuses and all kind of theories just to be right about "him", although we know what a<> he has been and is and maybe he is not that right for us. In our heads, we have these preconceived notions about how a guy should act if he likes us, that we get lost in our own fictional stories and plots we have in our heads, so disappointment is ooon the way almost always.

Something I always say is that honesty helps sooo much. What is so wrong just to ask him "Are you ever going to take me out?" or " Do you like me or something like that?". Get honest and if he rejects you then just tell you've got it all wrong. Be cool about it. We're all humans and make mistakes but when it comes to the opposite sex, us, women, can be very delusional sometimes. :)

Take care!


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind said...

True and true! I love this movies, it's brilliant!:D

D.D. said...

Am fost la cinema să-l văd pe ăsta. De acord cu tine. La început nu prea mi-a plăcut dar pe măsură ce vizionam mi-am dat seama că nu vreau să pierd nicio secundă din film.
Probabil că nu mi-a plăcut de la început tocmai din motivul ăsta. Nu vroiam să recunosc că au dreptate :D

IlluzoricDream said...

aha! i think i'll watch it!

Leah Lusch said...

Loved that movie! it was spot on true!

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