Handsome little brute

My dog! I love him. Now, I am at my grandparents house and that is why I havent been around. Have a nice day and a better holiday!


Ex said...

:( nu-mi plac genu' asta de caini.
Insa evident ca in cazul de fata, nu mie trebuie sa-mi placa :D.

A Not So Spotless Mind said...

Cute as a button!:D

bumblebeesies said...

he is so cuddly! love him.

W. Azam said...

that is one majestic dog! Wish I has a dog like that =[

A Dreamer said...

I may seem a wierdo, but I like dogs and kittens nose's :D.
I am a wierdo, right?
eh, whatever :p

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