"I see that look in her face, she's got that look in her eye"

Lily Allen is so cool. I absolutely love her. Really. She's not the ordinary skanky fashionista that sleeps with everyone. I don't care if she had pink hair or she used to wear wigs or...whatever. I think she has a very light, smooth voice. Plus, her songs are great and real. I'm tired of stuff like "in the club, I found a hunk and now we're rubbing against eachother". I love her lyrics and she knows to tell what she wants, even ifthat means singing cheerfully "fuck you very very much" on tv( I love that song).

So here is my top5 Lily Allen:(for now)

5.Fuck you
3.Littlest things
1.Not fair

Title:->"22",It's not me, it's you


bumblebeesies said...

i have never heard any of lily allen songs...i should give a listen. btw, great blog...i love the look and feel of it.


Monica said...

She was kicked out of highschool because she was caught blowing some dude in the ladies' room,she is as pro-booze as Amy Winehouse and she likes to pick on other singers(like Katy Perry,for example).Musically,yeah,she's cool.But her life is a sad mess...

Irrina said...

Monica, sincer, nu am auzit de asta pentru ca nu a facut chestia asta cu un celebrity guy probabil, iar faza cu bautura, pana, mea, cine nu se imbata la petreceri?? That does not make her Amy.

Irrina said...

P.S. I'd pick on some singers if I didn't liked them, too. It's their business.

Monica said...

Oh,read the papers .A pierdut o sarcina din cauza alcoolului => nu cred ca bea doar la petreceri.Si picking on somebody just because you don't like their face is a sign of narrow mindness,I'm sorry to say..

Irrina said...

If I like an artist then I don't start digging around every single piece of gossip I could find. I really really don't care. And, now that I've looked into it, Katy was the one calling her "fat" first. For me, that is it. And, really, I do not care.

W. Azam said...

I love Lily Allen and her song Naive is just awesome, the Kooks version of the song is awesome too! The dog is awesome btw I wanna know its name and breed, i'll force mommy to finally get me one


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