My second home

I don't think I can really describe why I spend so much time from my summer holiday at my grandparents' house. It's freedom to me. Fresh food and veggies right from the back garden, playing with my dogs, helping grandma and grandpa around the house, meeting with old friends, and being able to stay outside all day in the shade is just great. I grew up there, although my parents were living in Iasi, so I feel perfectly comfortable there. Oh, and I have room for one of my dearest hobbies: flying kites. I buy them at the market and then I head towards the field in back of the garden on a windy day. It's one on the many things that relaxes me and I enjoy the beauty of making it fly. I also enjoy the freedom of cooking whenever I want. At home, mom's worried that I'm going to make a mess but there nobody has any objection when I start preparing my ingredients. I don't have a lot of friends there, but I enjoy spending time with the ones that I do. The best part is that we go way back and we are like family most of the times.
But too much of something is not healthy so I am back home, for now.

The pictures above: My loving grandma and grandpa
The pictures below: My two dogs



Ex said...

pentru asta te invidiez.. niciodata n-am avut ocazia de a ma bucura de bunici.. si de a merge la "tara". Am fost pentru perioade prea scurte si la o varsta prea frageda.

lucky u.

A Dreamer said...

me likes doggies!

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