"So much to do to set my heart right"

John Mayer is momentarily the one dominating my daily dose of music. Well, what I really enjoy is his mellow voice, of course, and his great lyrics and musicality that make his songs truly enjoyable. But I guess that for me the thing that makes him stand out somehow is his guitarist skills. He is amazing and the guitar solos are imperative in almost any song and they enhance every single one of them with so much more emotion. Even if they sometimes do not have a well-defined identity, so to say, the solos embellish everything that can be made better.
I once saw him on CNN on "the Larry King show" when he said that the reason why he didn't use his voice to sing "Human Nature" on Michael Jackson's ceremony was because it was useless to try to imitate him and that, when it comes to guitars, everything is more natural, easy and non-limited for him. He said he sometimes feels bound by his vocals. I honestly believe that his voice is perfect for his songs and his style as a musician. He is a very very talented guy that, in my opinion, is pretty handsome(even better with longer hair)(nice tattoos too :d), a guy that does not let his looks define him . And in concert he is marvelous. I hope I'll get to see him someday.

Here is my top 5 John Mayer(for now):

5.I'm gonna find another you
4.Waiting on the world the change
3.Great Indoors
1.Stop this train

P.S.- You get it, I am enthusiastic about him. I really really like his music(and something a bit more than that:P) . Even if the last picture is kinda' cold, you can see some of his tattoos.

Title: "In repair",Continuum


bumblebeesies said...

i love him. also try a listen to 'slow dancing in a burning room'.

Irrina said...

Stiu melodia si e superba :D

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