...we had the second "One World" Film Clubs event in Iasi, in my highschool and it was pretty okay. The movie was "Nepal: a narrow escape", a short film from the "Women on the front line" series, about human trafficking in Nepal especially. It followed the story of a victim of this enormous phenomenon, a woman fooled into leaving Nepal in search for a "better job" with an unknown man. She ended up in a brothel in Calcutta (or Kolkata) where she managed to escape. In a brave act she called the police and helped the authorities arrest the man who took her out of the country.

Human trafficking is happening not only in the eastern countries, but in Europe as well. Most people become victims after being persuaded to leave their own country by people or fake organizations who promise them a better future. Not only fake company names appear on such offers, but also fake universities or schools.

The easiest and best way to avoid an unfortunate experience is doing some research online on the destination and all the details about the amazing offer you got from a "new" institution, including the "employer" itself.

Well, thank you all for coming and we (the OWFC team) are looking forward to seeing you at our next event, probably next month!

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