You live, you learn

Yesterday I arrived in Iasi with no excitement at all. I admit it, I did not want to come home the least bit. It was such an experience from so many points of view that I did not wanted it to end. But life's never fair so I'm back to the routine I left behind in June. The worst part is that nothing has changed and it is as if I'd never left. Well, the truth is that I am changed. Or at least I hope so. I really do not wish to fall back into my worried self anymore. Unfortunately, I am not the happy-shiny person I was in the mountains either. Reality checks you if you forget to check it yourself. The best thing is that I learned a lot and met the best people ever, people that I miss so much. I am currently trying to lighten up and be a bit more cheerful than a fish.

In the end of the training we all got a present: a song. This was mine:

Alanis Morissette -You Learn


Excepţiul said...

glad u'r back.

Unde la munte ai fost?

Irrina said...

Vatra Dornei. Poiana Izvoarelor.

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