Dealing with gravity.

John Mayer-live-Gravity

...he melts my heart with his guitar.Don't miss it from 4:39 or 5:24.

Do you ponder for days upon decisions or do you listen your heart and let your instincts rule your life? We cannot be just black or white but we generally tend to belong to a certain category. Of course that it entirely depends on the context and on the dimension of our decision but how is your life? Is it purely standing on firm pillars you've built on years and years or is it running on wood bridges that sway from one side to another?

Unfortunately, I can't decide on what side I am. I admit, I am mostly cerebral, realistic, down-to-earth, always the responsible one with trust on my side. But once in a while I get my heart out and pin it on my sleeve. For me, it's not an easy thing to do, being vulnerable, but getting all my barriers down feels so much like freedom. The problems is that so far every time I acted instinctive, a bitter taste remained almost every single time after them. Now, I think that yes, it feels bitter in the end, but why miss it all? I'm not that encrypted anymore, I don't feel closed in so much. I've used to be afraid of strong feelings, now I'm not anymore. That's why we're human. To feel, to think. If I think too much, it does not compensate for the other. You have to walk on both sides to live your life. It's never wrong. Now I'm dealing with both my thoughts and my feelings. I'm done running away.

So jump because you don't have to stay grounded all the time. Have a flight.
Don't be afraid. Enjoy what faith brings you. It may feel like the best thing you're ever done.

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