When you're sick:

  • Don't go to school/university/work(if you can);
  • Don't forget to take your pills;
  • Drink lots and lots of tea;
  • Get some rest;
  • Stay warm;
  • Do absolutely anything but homework/work in general;
  • Learn how to make paper cranes (origami made my temperature drop);
  • Make as many paper cranes as you can and then spread them around the house;
  • Watch how mom gets angry that you've made her house feel like Scofield's apartment(yes, the Prison Break guy);
  • Warm up some more tea;
  • Observe the wonderful cracks on the ceiling;
  • Superficially organize your things;
  • Watch how mom gets angry that you have only superficially cleaned your closet;
  • Don't forget to take your pills!
  • Play the piano/guitar/whatever instrument you have;
  • Don't try to sing or else your voice will get rougher and you'll have to drink more tea;
  • Think about how you'd like to change dramatically the space you live in;
  • Give up the redecorating idea because you remember you're not allowed to paint on the walls;
  • "Redecorate" your blog instead-hope you like the new look, because I'm not so sure I do;
  • Read other blogs;
  • Watch how mom gets angry because you forgot to take your pills;
  • Write something mildly funny on your blog about being sick and staying indoors.


Excepţiul said...

sa inteleg ca pentru tine sick, e bolnav in adevaratul sens al cuvantului. Pentru mine, daca ajung sa fac toate astea sau macar o parte, inseamna ca sunt exagerat de bolnav, trebuie notat in calendar. Sick = tre' sa stau in casa sa nu mananc nimic si sa ascult muzica.

Dar o sa invat sa fac gasca/barza/cocorul sau ce inseamna concret crane, din hartie. E greu?

Irrina said...

Nu, nu e. Vezi pe youtube sunt o multime de filmulete care iti arata exact ce si cum:P

Nu eram tare bolnava, doar aveam un pic de febra si-mi curgea nasul. :)

- -rxndr! said...

btw the paper cranes :)
stii ca se spune ca daca faci 1000 de cocori de hartie pentru cineva bolnav si ii arunci de undeva de sus "sa zboare", acea persoana se face bine? :D
old japanese fairy-tale

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