Yes, he's still doing it!

Maybe you don't or maybe you do know that I am a Robbie Williams fan. I've been one ever since I saw "Feel" on MTV years ago. I have a DVD of his concert and it's absolutely amazing. I love his bold lyrics, his music that is so...British in many ways, his incredible shows full of energy, enthusiasm and really really good performances by all the musicians on stage, especially him. Who does not know "Angels" or the almighty "Feel"?Yes, he has ballads that melodically get to your core but in the same time he's got great "rebel-ish" songs that speak about our society, today's stupidities, etc.

His first single for the new album, "Bodies", is a lot like "Come undone" or "Millennium" when it comes to lyrics and topic. The whole "All we ever wanted is to look good naked" thing is very true when it comes to today's life. Everything has lost its soul. It's all about flesh now. The "Bodies" video is now on music channels and topping charts all over the globe.

The second single to be released is "You know me". It's a Robbie classic. Not brilliant(the other one isn't either), but it's his style and I like it a lot.
Can't wait for the album!


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Florin said...

Am adaugat si eu linkul tau.
Scuze de intarziere.
o seara sau dimineata buna! :)

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