Chick flicks in 2010

As far as I can tell, 2010 is going to be full of chick-flicks. Oh yes. Cheesy, tear-jerking, silly movies with beautiful actors who match perfectly in couples to die for and cry over. Fantasies about people changing, about doing the right thing, about two people being miles and miles apart. I generally enjoy them.
Here are our next-year movies to see:

1. Dear John.. based on the book written by the same guy who wrote "The Notebook" and it has just about the same structure and level of drama.

(thnx Leah)

2.Valentine's Day
What could this be about if not...Valentine's day? I want to see it because of the amazing cast, and because it seems to

3.Remember me


mrs Roxana said...

este superb filmul Dear John!!:Xdamn abia astept sa il vad!>:D<:*

Irrina said...

SI eu :D

mrs Roxana said...

cel putin ultima parte din trailer e bestiala nu alta.abia ca mi-au dat lacrimile:)))).ffff reusit:X

D.D. said...

Snow Patrol - Set The Fire :x

bumblebeesies said...

valentines day looks so good.

nookie said...

vreau sa le vad pe toate:X

Mihaela said...

De-abia astept sa le vad:) Pe toate!

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