"Just because she's likes the same bizzaro crap you do doesn't mean she's your soul mate. "

"5oo days of summer" is a pretty good movie. It's very light, fun and sweet. It's not a love story, even if it seems to be so. It's the classical thing of "boy meets girl, girl meets boy, boy falls in love, girl doesn't". But still, it's not very dramatic, neither dark, angry, depressing or anything like that. It's very simple and enjoyable. A bit like "Nick and Norah's infinite playlist". I loved the music and the way it was shot. Also, the director of photography was great because some shots are amazing.
I really enjoyed it. It's a movie to watch on a Sunday morning.
And it is true that some things cannot be explained. They just happen to you.

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A Dreamer said...

If you can feel what they are feeling in the movie, it can turn out a bit depressing, I felt it this way, when he was sad.
I'm just glad in the end he met that nice girl and of course I adore how Zooey sings!

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