Letter to an Ignorant

My dear Ignorant,

I get it, you do not care, that's in your definition after all. I'm just asking you to move your weight off me. You're crushing me. You're on my seat, even if I have a ticket and you don't. But, you don't care, right? You never do. I get it, you have your life, your needs, your mind but so do I. Oh, yes, what a surprise! I can think and I can feel too. I know that you do it alone but that does not mean that your actions don't actually have some consequences that many times are reflected on others. Do you see many tall trees around you? I'm asking because you act as if you're living by yourself in the Amazonian jungle. Oh, yes, there are people around you and they can see you. When you're walking over the crowd to get in front of the cue, your shoes are leaving bruises on the others whether you like it or not. Oh, but you don't care, I remember. You don't care that, when you're watching a play, you're talking on the phone, everyone can hear you including the actress having a monologue.

Remember this: if nobody cared, there would not be a show to watch in the first place.
So if you want to be a part of life, start caring.

Yours truly,
The spectator behind you.

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