On a cloudy day

This is not about love because it's cruel, this is not about instincts because they're primal. It's about two people. Call them "us".

Norah Jones- Come away with me

You, stranger, what if...we'd runaway?
Just for a day or so and hide from all of world's lies. Just us.
The mountain top's just beyond the third street. Lets walk in the rain. No, lets smile. Lets laugh as we never did in our life because we need nothing more.
I'll breathe you in as you are, no dyes, no lies, just truth for you, truth for me. It's a kids game, a joke as old as time.
I can't promise eternity, all I have is now. Don't tell me nothing, I don't want to hear a word about me. All I want is to "wake up with the rain falling of a tin roof while I'm safe there, in your arms."
Talk to me with your eyes and I'll need no translation.
I'm thirsty. Lets swim.

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