"This may hurt just a little. "

Last night I went to see New Moon because I read the books, I am a big fan of the two male leads (guilty!) and I was morbidly curious. So if you haven't read the books, you might have a different view of the matter.

I have to say that it's so much better than Twilight. The first movie was more "indie" and this one is a lot better. Of course it's not perfect, but there are major improvements.
The special effects are way better, the shots are great, and the script is a much better mirror of the book than the first one(even if, some things are...different. )

Best :
The music. Awesome. The soundtrack is amazing and it fits the story so well, that I wish I had it on my Ipod when I was reading the book. Trust me.
(here's a taste:)

Taylor Lautner
as Jacob- just perfect.

Not so great:
There is no on-screen chemistry between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson .When you see the movies, you're like "There's no way they're so in love that they'd die for the one another". It sort-of seems as if he might be loving her, but she is so...stiff.

Some scenes needed music and there was none.

Some actors did not really...improve their acting.

Song: Death Cab For Cutie- Meet me on the equinox


bumblebeesies said...

ahhh death cab! :)

nookie said...

saw it last friday and love it:)

ioanaa said...

i must say that i really enjoyed the movie as much as you said.
also, i agree with you: the soundtrack was pretty good. i guess that my favourite songs were lykke li - possibility & anya marina - satellite heart. :D

Irrina said...

really good songs indeed :D

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