Three Fall Favorites

When it comes to clothes and to fashion, in general, I'm not all about trends. I wear what I like and when I do so, I feel a more confident and comfortable. These are three items I like and wear this fall (all the way up into winter). Photos courtesy of forever21.

1. Thigh high boots

(or over the knee) I always loved really long boots and how my legs look in them. Thankfully, my mother likes them too, so I have two pairs-one black, one gray. They're completely flat, no heels because I wanted to wear them almost every day.

2. Pendants
Long pendant necklaces are simple and very beautiful. Depending on the pendant itself, you can add your own personal "flavor" to every day.

3.Caps, hats and everything in between

It's cold outside and your head needs some protection. I have a similar cap with this one in the picture and I adore it.

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