Don't you just love Christmas?

It's my favorite time of the year and it;s getting closer. Here's why I love it:

  • Family:
I spent Christmas with my grandparents in the south of the country ever since I was born and it's sweet. Literally. We all love sweets and good food, in general. Everyone cooks, everyone drinks warm wine and everyone sings carols cheerfully. It wouldn't be Christmas without my loving family. It's all about everyone! Try helping them out.
  • The Lights:
From the city lights to my own, personal twinkles in my room, it's all about decorations and when to be festive if not during the winter holidays? I hang garlands in my room and in my grandparents house. Oh, and I decorate the outside of the house with lights too. Don't they make you feel...warm?
  • The Smell:
yes, mainly from the amazing dishes prepared but also from the Christmas tree. It's my favorite thing to lay down under the tree with my head under the dangling globes. You should try the perspective.
  • The Presents:
I enjoy getting them, but giving is so much fun. Seeing the loved one's expression on their face when they open their presents is priceless.

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