On a Tuesday morning

Fortunately, no school today, owing to the fact that I have my CAE exam tomorrow. I was so into English these months that I sometimes I can't find my words in Romanian.

It's cloudy outside, I'm having a cup of tea and listening to some smooth songs. This one's very cool:

Love and Happiness by Al Green.

Trying to concentrate on some vocabulary stuff.
Warm and cozy.
I'm thinking of warm hands.
What are you think of?

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nookie said...

good luck on your CAE tomorrow:)

Irrina said...

Thank you so much!

A Dreamer said...

now.. my mind would be somewhere cozy and warm, maybe in the arms of someone dear? and trying just to be peaceful inside&outside.
too much too ask, right?

but I'm trying to focus!
hard time although..

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