After the holidays...

....I must say that I felt quite tired, really. Of course I am sad that it's all over but I still have something to look forward to in the near future: My birthday. Oh, yes, I'm turning 18 and it feels quite surreal that time has passed so fast. It seems like it was yesterday when I first entered my highschool, I was so young...Well, I believe that you can be young at any age and the prospect of getting old it's not very frightening (at the moment). However, this is an important step in one's life, being a legal adult. I was intending (my mom was, actually) to throw a big party but I let the concept go because I wantsomething more...private and also because I'm visiting Paris in the spring so some extra cash are more than welcomed.

As a new year resolution , I hope I'll learn more about things I love, that I'll spend more time on my art and that I'll soon figure out a way of painting in my room without making any mess.

So a Happy New Year to all of you kind enough to be reading this and see you more often in 2010!


D.D. said...

Pe cât faci 18 :D ?

Irrina said...

Pe 13 :d

A Dreamer said...

So you went to Paris?
Or not yet?
It's so exciting just to think about it!

Irrina said...

I will be going. April.

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