A big day has finally arrived. I love my birthday, but who doesn't?
Now I'm an adult and I have all the papers to prove it.

Seventeen has been quite a year and I've grown so much, just like I was supposed to.

For the future, I'm eager to see how I will cross my own boundaries. Of course, I want to learn as much as I can about things I adore and work on my art more.

I wish to thank everyone (my friends, my family), for making this day special, for supporting me and for sending their wishes.

All the love!


Excepţiul said...

La cat mai multi ani. Dar sa fie al naibii de rari.

Smart Lady said...


Arunca un ochi pe

un blog foarte popular si placut. si daca iti place ce gasesti acolo, adauga-l in blogroll-ul tau.


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