A new her

To be honest, I never expected to write about this. We all know that Rihanna has released her last album in 2009 and it's called "Rated R". It didn't get very good reviews because everyone was expected to see her back the way she used to be, oh so sweet pop you can dance on at a pretty little party.

However, she is changed and she has an entire new perspective over life. It is just natural that her work would also change.

After the first audition, when you're like "oh, God, she's gone suicidal, she's nuts", the songs grow on you and some are really good. I really like the concept of the dark Russian Roulette and Hard but also the emotional pieces such as Te Amo and Stupid in Love. In fact, all of the songs are highly relevant when it comes to her own life experience.

The album is intense, and I like the fact that it's something else, it's loaded with emotion and feeling. So long pretty-pop.

The videos are darker, also. She's definitely wearing less and is so much more daring and bold. The best part is that she can pull this off. She has the right attitude and body to wear those revealing outfits (imagine how fast you'd run if you'd see Lindsay Lohan in those clothes) and it works for her. Again, it's something else.

By far, the best improvement of all is her live performances. I've heard her live before and she sucked big time. Now, it's almost like she has this...force inside her and she is singing with so much heart and soooooo much better.

Just listen to this amazing performance of Russian Roulette.
(It gets better and better from 1:50.)

And even if sometimes it is too much, isn't it how it's supposed to be?


MrJeffery said...

i liked it too. not as catchy as good girl gone bad (an excellent album), but a revelation nonetheless. i hope she keeps going!

Monique said...

I'm really disappointed that people wrongly perceive her latest album as "not as good as" Good girl gone bad. U can't even compare them because they are very very different. I mean the first one is sooo catchy and pop (and I admit I loved dancing on songs such as Disturbia or Shut up and drive), whereas Rated R explodes with inspiration and pain.U can almost feel her disappointment and rage while listening to it...and that's called art.

Irrina said...

I completely agree with you, honey. She shares a lot more and it's more artsy.

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