Now I'm here!

Well, I've been so busy lately I didn't get the time to write anything, so unfortunately I neglected my blog. But now, I'm back with some news. I've been doing quite some stuff.

1. Got my Cambridge CAE(CERTIFICATE IN ADVANCED ENGLISH) results today!

After so much waiting and studying, everything finally paid off and I got an A, which cannot be any better. I'm very happy with myself because English is my thing and I love it!

2. Celebrated my birthday

Festive times are to be shared with family and friends. I shared it with both and it was more than I can ever ask!

3. Had a school play....

.during my English class. I wrote the script and everything went more than great. I was the smooth criminal and had so much fun.
What can I say? People love killing me and I love playing with (toy) guns.

4.Embarked on a journey.. get my driver's licence. I've got a lot to study.

5. Finished another semester.
School will be over for a week soon and I need a break so bad... Thank GOD I managed to get all the right grades I needed.


Excepţiul said...

pari mai matură fizic decât vârsta biologică, cel mai probabil în concordanţă cu cea psihică

nookie said...

congrats on the CAE dear!!
ohh and happy late birthday!

Irrina said...

Thank you, and Thank you! :D

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