The Brits 2010

The British music awards are something to see, even if you might not recognize all the performers. However, there were some great moments. Yes, everyone knows that Lady Gaga has won three awards, which is a lot, but there was no surprise here. Still, I wasn't expecting to see her so humble. She was actually crying for two or three times while having her speeches. I was pretty much in awe to see her so honestly humble and thankful.

The performances were amazing. From Jay-z with the talented Alicia Keys, who shook the ground with her vocals, to Cheryl Cole with her great dancers. But I couldnt "feel" Lilly Allen at the start of the show. It seemed strange with that wig...maybe it's just me. However, there were two performances I enjoyed the most.

First, Florence and the Machine with Dizzie Rascal (I have no idea who he is) sang "You've got the love", a great piece which sounded even better with those harps . Florence really sounds excellent live and I loved her look.

My favourite was, by far, Robbie Williams, who sang a 13 minutes-long medley of his most famous songs. I adore Robbie because he is such a great entertainer and pulled all the songs off beautifully even if he was so emotional. He got an award for his entire career, and he deserved it! Rock it, Robbie!

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