I really don't get it

A couple of weeks ago I heard of this kid, Justin Bieber, who is makin (not only) America's knees melt. Apparently, he's a huge thing right now, so I decided to listen to one his songs just out of curiosity. Apparently, this is his latest single "Baby", featuring Ludacris.

The verdict?

No surprise here, I really could not get it why does he there is so much hype around him. To be frank, because he's so small, because of his horrible haircut and kinda'annoying voice, I wasn't impressed at all. He's got the cheesiest dance moves, lyrics, videos and facial expressions. Okay, he is sort-of cute, but only a potential pedofile over 15 could consider him hot. Really.
the Question is: Whyyy?


Bilou said...

I don't like him either.Great blog:)

Buji said...

Got that right

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