"You can thank me later. It's later. "

I watched this movie some time ago and I sticked with me. It's all about the hardships of life and it is quite impressing. The story is touching. I must say that the main character Michael, played by Quinton Aaron, has quite an unique personality and so much dignity that it seemed sort-of imposibile to me that such a person would actually exist. I admit being really moved by his actions, especially in the beggining of the movie (you'll see what I'm talking about).

Of course, Sanda Bullock is amazing. And why is that, you may ask?

After 10 minutes, I completely forgot she was her because of how well she got into the character. Her southern acent was flawless and everything about her, from her gestures to her mimic, screamed authenticity. And that is why I think she deserved getting the Oscar this year.

Thumbs up!


A Dreamer said...

I didn't get to watch it, I am in delay with so many movies :(.
Offtopic: I like ur job: Artistic manager of my thoughts!

Irrina said...

Aw, thnx! Quite damanding! :))

Jaime said...

I just adored this movie. Sandra was amazing and well really everyone was! Great casting...

Thanks for stopping by my blog- enjoy your weekend!

nookie said...

I must see it:)

A Not So Spotless Mind said...

I absolutely loved it:)!

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