Aren't there 3 other movies with this title?

On Friday, Me & my dear friend Monica, decided to see a cute little movie to relax, so we went to see "When in Rome". Well, actually, we chose it because we had no other option because of our shedules, but that's not that important.
Well, the movie And, um.... funny. Okay, okay, it's not that good. Really. It's one of those romenic comedies set in a really famous city. It has some nice parts, but most of them are already clichees and you can basically predict everything that is going to happen from the very beginning. Kristen Bell was...stiff, I didn;t like her at all, but Josh Duhamel was sweet (I mean hot).
Well, you can go with your girlfriends and watch it, but don't expect anything major or impressive because you ain't getting any. Still, it's light, funny and pretty much okay.


Monique said...

dap, i agree, Josh is the cutest thing ever :D

Mihaela said...

Sper sa ma uit si eu cat de curand la acest film. Pare funny :)

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