Paris, mon amour

I just came home from a four-day trip to Paris and I still feel like I'm on top of a cloud. I didn;t knew what to expect, since some people have told me that it's dirty and highly overrated.

Now, I have to say it is the most beautiful city I've ever been to (yes, I like it more than Rome and Vienna). It was absolutely fantastic and extremely fulfilling even if I spent just three (very busy and tiring) days there.

It's so rich in culture and the feel of the city just got me in so deep I didn't wanted to leave.
Of course, I visited all the major museums like the Louvre, Musee dÓrsay, LÓrangerie, and, of course, Les Invalides, Le Jardins Tuileries, The Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur, etc.

God, it was fun and I really miss the city right now, the pulse of it.

That's why these days I've been absent-minded just about all the time, just day-dreaming. But hey, who whouldn't?


Mimi said...

I disagree. It is dirty and overrated.

A dreamer. said...

oh Irrina, welcome to my state of mind!

A dreamer. said...

PS: you look so pretty there!
PS2:you should upload the pictures biggger, they worth every "penny" :p.
PS3: last night I found out that my aunt is also going on a 3-4 days business trip in Paris. Not fair! :( everybody's going.
(puppy eyes here)
PS4: I love ur new header! and the Eiffel Tower will always be in fashion :p (maybe you would want to use a different font, but it's not a must, in my opinion)

PSfinal: don't kill me for what I said, I wasn't mean, really! :">

Irrina said...

Aw, dear Dreamer! Why would I ever be mad at you? :P
Thank you 4 everything , I really apreciate your opinion(s). If fact, I apreciate just about everyone's :P

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