Waiting sucks!

Well, it seems that I'm getting a lot into american TV shows theese days and the most recent one I've discovered (yeah, I know, I'm so late on this one) is True Blood. I began reading the books without having any clue that the show was inspired from them and, because I really enjoyed the plot and everything, I started watching the show. I've already seen the two seasons and I'm eagerly waiting for the third one, which premieres in June (!!!!!!!).

Here are is a sneak-peek from the upcoming season:


Faboulista said...

everybody is talking about this show. i havent seen it yet but u make it seem like its a must. maybe i should start.

nookie said...

yeah, waiting sucks!
true blood it's one of my fav shows, can't wait for season 3...need to know what happened to Bill..

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