"I was shooting for stars on a Saturday night"

Not being a fan of hip hop in general, I had no idea who B.O.B was.

However, his debut album,"B.O.B presents: The Adventure of Bobby Ray" is one of the best recent ones out there.

From the very familiar and commercially successful "Nothin' on you" featuring Bruno Mars and the already popular "Airplanes" featuring Paramore's lead singer Hayley Williams to the less-known "Pass my shades", "Don't let me fall" and "Ghost in the machine", B.O.B designs an album unexpected in its quality, musicality and accessibility, which is one of my personal favorites.

This guy has this personal style which makes him so hard to put him in any musical category. Maybe alternative Hip Hop.

Here are the two songs I've been listening all summer (trust me, it sounds fantastic):

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