Grow up?

I admit never fully accepting my age. Either sorry for my past years, either too eager for the future, thinking of my life on the long run gives me headaches. It feels like a pill too big to swallow.

With age, habits come, habits pass, and so do hobbies, passions, likes or dislikes. How many of you do you even remember? Where did the teddy you carried around for years or the posters of the first teen idols you adored are right now?

What lies on your shelves now, where toys and storybooks used to?

Change is an essential part of life, even if we do it with or without wanting it. We are forced to grow up, leave kindergarten, elementary school, high school, college behind and move on. Caught in this process, you may wonder who you are or where are you going. It must be natural to ask ourselves such things since most do.

As a young woman, I find myself crossroads often. I can’t help but question myself if today’s interests will survive to see the future. The question is: Is it just a phase?

However, a part of me has faith that what truly is important for one’s true self can last forever, since my father still has his burning passion for music and wears Beatles t shirts since he was 20.

I guess all I can do is hold on and enjoy the ride.

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not wendy said...

I for one hate growing up and think it should be outlawed at once.

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