E al naibii de tarziu. Tusesc ca o matza care scuipa ghemotoace de par.
Azi...am pictat toata ziua...am facut poze. It feels good (artistically speaking) :D. Constiinta mea cu privire la scoala nu functioneaza si asta ma face un om fericit.
In schimb ma doare spatele.
Imi urasc papucii de casa. Nu imi aduc aminte sa cunosc vreo persoana care sa-si gaseasca papucii de casa cand ii cauta. Conspiratie? Hm.... Gata, i-am gasit.Sunt rosii. They mildly stink. And they have a yellow flower in the middle.
Song: The perishers-my heart

I think some sleep would be apropriate now....


nookie said...

papucii mei de casa sunt portocalii:))
imi plac foarte mult pozele:x

ChokoLatteSoda said...

Love the wings...Cat despre papuci..Imi plac mai mult ridicati la puterea a 2-a:)

A Dreamer said...

how nice it would be to be able to fly with our human wings somewhere far away, when we need to escape this grey that surrounds us...
wish it could be that easy.

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