Pass me the heels!

One of the things I have always hated is the fact that we almost never dress up now, when we go out, when we go see a movie,etc. I know that everyone has days when they just get on the first thing they see in their closet because it happens to me too and there's nothing wrong with it. My point is that, now, we almost never put on but jeans and a tshirt no matter the ocasion. I love dressing up, and I do it just about every time I feel like it.

But still, there is someone ruining your mood, staring at you. I absolutely detest it when people stare at you just because you look different. It rarely happens in western countries, but here, trust me, they're watching as if you're a freakshow.

I love the feeling I get when I'm dolled-up and looking my best while out (even if I don't have fantastic clothes and I almost never wear heels because I'm so tall and everyone's staring). Another thing I believe in is being true to who you are and revealing your true nature also on the outside. I must admit, I sometimes don't really have the courage (or the clothes) to be myself.

I think that looking good, taking care of yourself as a woman and not neglecting your appearance is something you do for yourself, as an evolved human being, if, of course, you have some self-respect.

photos: the sartorialist


nookie said...

it happens to me too...almost everyday in the subway, at school...everywhere, but I started to ignore it:)

Irrina said...

That's just about all you can do.

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